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Hon. Wemi Jones Applauds Gov. Ododo's Administration as Advocate for Holistic Child Development; Welcomes Super Eagles' 3rd Goalkeeper

Source: KGMOEST / 16 February, 2024

In a resounding endorsement of Governor Alhaji Usman Ahmed Ododo's governance ethos, Honorable Wemi Jones, the Commissioner for Education, Science, and Technology in Kogi State, lauded the administration's steadfast commitment to fostering comprehensive child development.

Speaking from his office, Commissioner Jones extended a warm reception to Olorunleke Ojo, the Super Eagles' esteemed 3rd Goalkeeper, who represented Nigeria in the recently concluded Africa Cup of Nations held in Ivory Coast. He commended Ojo for his humility and dedication, expressing confidence in the goalkeeper's enduring success.

Commissioner Jones underscored the administration's dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals beyond academic excellence. He emphasized Governor Ododo's vision to actively engage children in various spheres, molding them into versatile individuals capable of excelling in academics as well as sports.

"Governor Ododo's administration is dedicated to shaping the holistic development of our children," affirmed Commissioner Jones. "We recognize the importance of not only academic achievements but also nurturing talents and skills in sports and other areas."

In line with this vision, the Ministry of Education is poised to forge partnerships with individuals and corporate entities to promote sports development in schools. Commissioner Jones highlighted the government's plans to revamp sporting infrastructure, including stadiums and facilities, across educational institutions in the state.

"Our goal is to create an environment where sports thrive alongside academics," explained Commissioner Jones. "By investing in sports facilities and encouraging participation, we aim to instill a culture of physical activity and teamwork among our youth."

The commissioner's remarks reflect the administration's holistic approach to education and child development, recognizing the pivotal role of sports in shaping well-rounded individuals. As Governor Ododo's administration continues to prioritize comprehensive growth, collaborations and initiatives in sports development are poised to flourish, ensuring a brighter future for Kogi State's youth.